Austerlitz and the preceding campaign profoundly altered the nature of European politics.

In three months, the French had occupied Vienna, destroyed two armies, and humbled the Austrian Empire.

These events sharply contrast with the rigid power structures of the 18th century.

Austerlitz set the stage foプロアクティブr a near-decade of French domination of the European continent, but one of its more immediate effects was to goad Prussia into war in 1806.

Overall, Allied casualties stood at about 27,000 out of an army of 73,000, which was 37% of their effectives.

The French expenFX 初心者 比較ded around 9,000 out of a force of 67,000, or about 13% of effectives.

The Allies also lost 180 guオーガニックns and 50 standards.

The great victory was met by sheer amazement and delirium in Paris, where just days earlier the nation was teetering on financial collapse. Napoleon wrote to Josephine, "I have beaten the Austro-Russian army commanded by the two emperors. I am a little weary....I embrace you.

Tsar Alexander perhaps best summed up the harsh times for the Allies by stating, "We are babies in the hands of a giant.

France and Austria signed a truce on 4 December and the Treaty of Pressburg 22 days later took the latter out of the war.

Austria agreed to recognize French territory captured by the treaties of Campo Formio (1797) and Lune'ville (1801), cede land to Bavaria, Wurttemberg, and Baden, which were Napoleon's German allies, and pay 40 million francs in war indemnities, and Venice was given to the Kingdom of Italy. It was a harsh end for Austria, but certainly not a catastrophic peace.

The Russian army was allowed to witコラーゲンhdraw to home territory and the French encamped themselves in Southern Germany.

The Holy Roman Empire was effectively wiped out, 1806 being seen as its final year.

Napoleon created the Confedダイエット食品 口コミeration of the Rhine, a string of German states meant to serve as a buffer between France and Prussia. Prussia saw these and other moves as an affront to its status as the main power of Central Europe and it went to war with France in 1806.